About Us

Flashcation is an internet based company that connects travellers and photographers that is specially designed to capture the moment of your trip. Our motto is “Travelling with Confidence” that provides photo package in various destination with affordable cost. We have in more than 200 cities arround the world. We commit to give you the wonderful potraits for your precious trips.


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How can I book our product?

To book photo session, go to menu, choose destination and date of departure and click book now. Then, you will find form menu. You are required to fill out the form in about 2 minutes to get it done. Our admin will then confirm by email before straightly discuss about the photo concept and also the payment.

How long the photo session will take and its cost?

The cost of our package is per 3 hours of the photo session, but if you would like to add the photo package, you can book the next 3 hours based on the schedule that you choose.

It can be discussed when our admin contact you when you are still in Indonesia before the trip, so we can make sure that your trip is well planned to get unforgettable potraits of your trip.

Our promotion price is USD $200. You will get 40 editted photo that is really impressive from your trip.

How long should I book for a photographer?

We suggest that you book at a month before your departure to ensure that you get the time and the photographer in your destination with the photo concept that has been discussed before. We do not accommodate any booking in last minutes, so we appreciate if you can book at least a month before your trip.

Can I choose my own photographer?

We decided the photographer based on the availability, so you can not choose by your own. But, we can make sure that our photographer are friendly and qualified that can give you the best portraits and the wonderful vacation as well.

What if it is raining during photo session?

When discussing the concept, our team will also consider the weather based on the time of your photo session. We do not only help you prepare the trip photo session but also give the information about the place that you will visit.

But if it is raining and you decide not to take photo session, we will reschedule your photo session next time. You do not need to worry because we will help until you get the portraits once you are back to Indonesia.